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5 ways to 💫 WOW 💫 your interviewer 

Huge huge congratulations on your forthcoming job interview. Here at The Interview Cheerleader by Tamzin Louise, we know how daunting interviews can be, however with the right preparation and planning you can walk into the room confident and full of self-belief. 

Jobs are in demand at the moment and you will likely be amongst others who are being interviewed for one role. Don’t let this fact send you into a spiral of negativity and self-doubt. Instead, use it to your advantage and plan 5 simple steps to WOW your interviewer. 

Your aim is to be unforgettable; to stand out from the crowd and to leave a positive lasting impression on your interviewer. Here is how to do that in five steps; 

  1. Always ask questions - Every interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. Ensure you enter your interview armed with questions to ask your interviewer. Candidates who ask questions are showing they have prepared for the interview and that they are interested in working for the company. 

  2. Make eye contact - Making eye contact with an individual is the quickest way to show they you are confident, can perform well in social interactions and have what it takes to represent the company you are interviewing with. Look your interviewer in the eye and show them how competent you are. 

  3. Clean your shoes and wear appropriate clothing for an interview - It doesn’t matter what job you are interviewing for - always dress professionally. Even if the role requires casual attire, turn up wearing business attire. your choices will show your interviewer that you can and will dress professionally if required. Always clean your shoes, this shows attention to detail and that you take pride in the things you care about. Clean shoes will also give you an extra dose of confidence. 

  4. Send a thank-you note after the interview - Sending a thank you note after the interview will show the interviewer how much you want the job! It will also remind them about your interview as well as showing them how good you are at making people feel valued and important. Always send the thank you note 12/24 hours after the interview. 

  5. Know the company - You would be amazed at how many people turn up for a job interview and know nothing about the company they apparently want to work for. By doing your research you are showing the interviewer how interested you are in the role. 

So, there you have it; 5 simple ways to WOW your interviewer. 

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With luck and best wishes


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