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Why it’s OK to take balloons to a job interview.

Updated: May 8, 2021

I am talking metaphorically here, but when attending a job interview always, always take your personality with you. To be truly successful, you need to enjoy your job, your career and you need to be proud of the company you work for. I use the analogy of the balloon to take people on a journey, adding an element of enjoyment into your career allows success to flow.

By adding an element of your uniqueness, fun and personality into a job interview, you are allowing for success.

During your interview, be yourself, your true authentic, amazing self. Showcase your experience. When you allow your personality, experience and expertise to shine through, your interviewer will want to take hold of your balloon and welcome you into their arena.

In addition to your personality you need to take with you;

  • Confidence,

  • Self-belief,

  • Clean shoes. Always clean your shoes.

  • Make sure you have a copy, or two of your CV so you can give one to your recruiter.

  • Some interviewers ask to take a copy of candidates identification, so it is always useful to have some ID with you.

  • A clean notebook and pen with you, write in your notebook the address of your interview and contact details of your interviewer.

  • During your interview preparation, I always suggest writing a few bullet points and questions in your notebook to take with you. That way if you forget your way in the interview, you can refer to your notes.

  • Questions to ask your interviewer. Always ask your interviewer at least one question.

Good luck in your forthcoming job interview, always remember, your CV has secured you the job interview. You now need to go into your interview and show the interviewer just how amazing you are for their company and the role they have available.

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With luck and best wishes,

Tamzin Louise,

The Interview Cheerleader®

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